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The town was founded with a Pilgrim (Congregationalist) meeting house, like all the towns in the colony at the time. However, this church would dissolve before the middle of the century, replaced with a Baptist church. John Leland, a Baptist minister, who was a major supporter of James Madison and the First Amendment to the Constitution, was baptized in Bellingham’s Baptist church in 1775. The town grew slowly, given the terrain and the limited resources. During the Industrial Revolution, several man-made ponds were constructed to support industry in land that had been swamp. Today the northern part of the town is part of the economic boom along I-495, with the southern being mostly suburban. Deborah Sampson enlisted as “Robert Shurtlieff” at Bellingham, near the end of the Revolutionary War, and disguised herself as a man, to become America’s first woman soldier.

Centrally located with lots of shopping and easy access to the T located on the Franklin/Bellngham line and Route 495.  About 45 minutes from Boston, Bellingham affords residents looking to own a home a larger selection and your money goes further in Bellingham.

The school system is up and coming and will likely be transitioning in the next few years to be competitive with surrounding towns so it’s a great time to get into Bellingham.

There is lots of shopping nearby, Home Depot, Market Basket, WalMart, Staples and you are close enough to Milford for Kohl‘s and more shopping!

The nearest hospital which is only minutes away is Milford Regional Medical Center.

The town also does a great job during the snowy months and keeping the roads cleared.

If you are looking for a small town feel but has all the shopping and amenities that are close, then Bellingham, MA would make a great fit for you.

See which what homes are for sale in Bellingham.

Local Eateries:

Rock N Coal PizzaRock N Coal Pizza at 799 S. Main St., Bellingham.  They host a trivia night, they host functions and their pizza is pretty darn good!



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