Really bad real estate photo

You want to sell your home in Bellingham, MA or some other town in beautiful Massachusetts. You take the time to interview your potential Realtor and decide upon the Realtor.  You sign the contracts and they come and take the photo.  Yes, I said the photo, singular!  We are allowed 30 photos in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS in Massachusetts.  So you would think everyone would take advantage of it.  Or at least getting in at least 10 or so photos.  I mean every single family house, condo or multi family, even a mobile home, will have more than one front right?!  You must have some other rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, or something other than one view!

This particular Realtor took one photo and couldn’t even get out of their car nor has an actual camera but used the camera on their phone!


Bad listing photo

Do you have bad real estate photos you’ve seen in Franklin, Bellingham or other areas?  Please send so I can share!

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