Massachusetts Dog Friendly Towns

Does your dog rule your world like mine does?!  Are you looking to buy a home in Massachusetts, so that your fur-baby will have their own yard for all toys they have? Well, here is a list of places I’ve taken the “corg” to and she gives them 2 paws up on the fun-meter.

More and more people are opting to have dogs and spending tons of money on their pets and I absolutely love it because more and more people are becoming aware of the joy of owning a pet and adopting and rescuing!!  I was dog obsessed before it was en vogue!


The corg in her pool

If you are looking for dog friendly towns in Norfolk County, Bristol or Worcester County, Massachusetts, check out some of these towns that are dog friendly (they have a dog park, walking trails, swimming areas and doggy day-care!

Franklin, Mass.

Dog park at Dacey Field located at 700 Lincoln St. Dog Park Rules.  If that doesn’t wear them out, you can take your fur-baby to the State Park for a nature-stop-and-smell-everything jaunt.  And if you are looking for day care, check out Camp Bow Wow conveniently located.

Wrentham, Mass.

A huge Dog park located at 22 Emerald St, Wrentham  MA for those extra long runs they need and if that isn’t enough, Wrentham has a beautiful state forest for more trails that are close to the dog park.  Wrentham State Forest.  There is also Joe’s Rock on West St in Wrentham as well.

Sharon, Mass.

Along with the enormous Borderland State Forest, Sharon now has a dog park located at 34 E. Foxboro St., Sharon, Mass.  This one is probably my favorite one because of the proximity to Borderland State forest where the “corg” can get lots of walking in and sniffing around.

Attleboro, Mass.

Their dog park is located in Seekonk and has small and large dog areas with some agility training-type equipment.   This is a great chance to socialize the city-pups since there aren’t hiking trails nearby like the other towns.

Uxbridge, Mass.

Most local beaches won’t allow your fur-baby to swim where the public swims for sanitary reasons (even though I think the kids in the water do more of the peeing than the dogs do), but they often have an area where the dogs can swim.  I love, love West Hill Dam at 518 E. Hartford Ave, Uxbridge for hiking and swimming with the “Corg” because she can do everything she loves in one place.

Douglas, Mass.

Douglas, Mass. is one of the bigger state forests with plenty of trails to walk with the fur-baby and then some recreational swimming.  The town doesn’t have a dog park, but your pup is sure to get plenty of exercise.

Sutton, Mass.

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Purgatory Chasm in Sutton.  Sutton doesn’t have a dog park but if your dog loves the agility of jumping around on rocks, climbing over rocks or just a nice nature walk, you have to check this place out.  Cost of parking is $5.00 for state residents and $10.00 for out of staters.  There are places for picnics if you want to take humans there too.


As always, when visiting any of these gorgeous areas, please remember to be courteous and pick up after your dog.  It only takes a few people to ruin a good thing so don’t be that person.  Bring water and snacks for your fur-baby because staying hydrated is just as important as it is for you.

Don’t allow your pet to drink water from puddles, streams, etc.  See Scary diseases.


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