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Thank you for taking the time to stop and read this and for considering The Key To The Dream Realty Group/Coldwell Banker to help you in your real estate endeavors.
For the past  25+ years I have been involved in real estate in one way or another.  First as a real estate paralegal  and now as a real estate agent/Realtor.  When the partners at the law firm I worked at retired, I decided that I needed a new career.  I decided upon a real estate agent/Realtor(R) – This was a scary moment since I went from a steady paycheck to potentially no pay check!!   I did not, nor could I have known, how much I would LOVE being on the selling homes side!  I have found that it is an obsession for me.  I love viewing/touring homes, I love meeting the people, I love educating people, I love watching the shows on TV about it – it’s definitely an addiction for me!
During my  free time, I really enjoy and love being outdoors with my rescue dog, Cookie Cookie Pic(a/k/a the Corgs).   She is a mix breed of a corgi and blue-heeler (just ask and I’ll show you plenty of photos of her!) and she is the love of my life!  So we spend lots of time outside playing Frisbee, walking the local bike paths, hiking around the state parks we have in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and sometimes she’s my ride along on showings.  I also have 2 human children who are the other loves of my life but are grown up and don’t require so much attention as the Cookie-dog does!   Animals are a huge passion for me.  I have rescue animals and  feel strongly about pet adoption, safety and welfare.  In addition to my dogs, I have a flock of chickens just because I enjoy watching them in the yard.  My friends and family are constantly sending me anything to do with chickens and corgis!
Something else that’s extremely important to me is organic lifestyle and I feel strongly about never, ever using chemicals or pesticides in my food, yard or around the home and this is why there is an “around the home” tab on this blog to share helpful information about making your life organic and pesticide free.
I’d like you to know that should you choose The Key To The Dream Realty Group, we promise to work hard for you, educate, guide, advise and problem solve when needed.  Chris and I strongly agree that we don’t want to be your typical Real Estate Agent.  I’ve been involved in 1000’s of transactions and have seen and heard all the horror stories so we understand it’s imperative for consumers to not just get “process” experts – because you deserve a sales and service expert who understand the process, work tirelessly to prevent problems from arising, and taking care of as many details as we can along the road  to help you get to the end goal that has you in your new home.   We strive to be the un-realtors!  We believe the process should be fun because this is a very stressful time for you and our job is to ease the burden as much as possible by being proactive not reactive.
Chris and I both came from a brokerage that was born online and raised by technology (ZipRealty) which is now Coldwell Banker and that combined two powerful companies into one.   Chris and I each have our different strengths that bring different things to the table and this makes the partnership perfect, the yin and yang, the dynamic duo!  One thing both Chris and I do share is HONESTY.  We both believe that being honest with our clients is the utmost important trait.  We take that very seriously because we understand that this purchase cannot be returned in 30 days if your not satisfied.
Our partnership was forged on the premise of doing things differently and breaking with tradition.  We really, really wanted to be the un-REALtors.  Neither one of us believes that you must be stuffy and boring to do this job nor is being stuffy and boring an indicator that you are better at the job.  We believe there is NO reason you can’t have fun while getting the job done – selling or buying is stressful enough!
If you are interested in selling a home or buying a home in Bristol County (Attleboro, Plainville, North Attleboro, Norton, Easton, Sharon, Foxboro, Mansfield or  Norfolk County (Franklin, Bellingham, Medway, Millis, Walpole, Wrentham, Norfolk), please feel free to call me at 508 254 8093 or email me at
Buying or selling in Rhode Island?  I can help too, I am dual licensed in both states.  I grew up in Rhode Island and know the area of Burrillville, Smithfield and North Smithfield well.
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If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, condo or investment property in Massachusetts I’d love to talk with you.  I know my team can help get it done!  Email me today or call (508) 254 8093.

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