Is local better when it comes to real estate?

Are you thinking of selling your home in Massachusetts?  Are you among the many that think hiring a local real estate agent is the way to go?  Someone with brick and mortar business?  The “local” mentality was created by the National Association of Realtors to combat the age of technology.  Now it’s biting them in the a$$ because buyers start their search online.

It’s interesting to me that most potential home sellers STILL think that local is better when it comes to hiring a real estate agent to sell their home.  For some reason, it’s thought that only a local real estate agent will have a buyer for their home or that a buyer will only go to an agent located within the town.  Yet 97+% of buyers start their doors-1767563_640home ONLINE from anywhere in the world!  A potential seller is looking ONLINE for a local real estate agent and you are reading this blog ONLINE!  The common thread here is ONLINE.  See all the ONLINE that is happening???

Gone are the days of real estate brokerages having control of the “book” that the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) put out on a weekly basis.  Gone are the days that a brick and mortar office is needed.  Gone are the days of needing a “local” real estate agent.  Why?  Because everything is online now.

It’s so odd that we have come so far in technology, I mean most people don’t even have landlines anymore! But when it comes to selling their house, home sellers still think they need a local real estate agent and brokerage.  It’s quite archaic thinking.

Let’s think about this for a moment, the internet allows any one at any time to find out whatever information they want to find out about a neighborhood, town, house, person, events, etc.  There are hundreds and hundreds of online websites for real estate allowing people to view homes from their couch without ever talking to a human being.  So why on earth do you still think local is the way to go?

Wouldn’t you prefer a real estate agent that knows about more than one town?  Because “traditional” real estate agents only work in the town their office is in and the towns that touch it.  They are terrified to venture out.  Traditional real estate agents rely on the post and pray method.  They post a listing and pray it sells fast.  They have no clue how to reach people or market the property, they are at a loss because people don’t just walk in to the office any more asking to see house, people throw postcards away and not too many people read a newspaper anymore and yet real estate agents are still doing print advertising.

We (Chris and I) see this every single day.  Chris and I came from a real estate brokerage that was only online, their technology was the first of its kind – that company is ZipRealty.  ZipRealty was such a leader in technology that companies tried to copy it.  Everything was done online, no office to go to, just work from home.  Then ZipRealty was bought by Coldwell Banker which now combined the power of technology with global reach!  So we see traditional real estate agents struggling with the technology, not knowing how to reach buyers, etc.  They are completely at a loss as to what to do next when their listing doesn’t get an offer within the first week.

Do you know the actual number of homes sold because a “local” real estate agent had a buyer? I can pull up any towns sold properties and show you that it’s extremely rare that the selling real estate agent has a buyer.  More often than not, the property is sold by another real estate agent.   It’s like a unicorn – a rare, rare occurrence that your real estate agent will have a buyer and that’s because everyone is online! So much information is online, buyers today don’t want to wait, they demand immediate gratification and that is why having a real estate brokerage that is online should be your top priority.  Now you add social media to the technology and most real estate agents aren’t utilizing this tool.  You can’t just post your listing on Facebook and hope it gets seen.  Technology was made to make our lives easier,  but the human factor is gone and you have to get into the minds of the buyers that only use online resources.  We know how to do that and we do it well!

Let’s face it, when you have a real estate agent over to give you the market analysis, they always leave you with a booklet of  information that never gets read.   It has lots of graphs and charts that if you asked them to explain it, they can’t.  My listing presentation material is usually the MLS sheets of similar properties that sold.  That is all that is needed because we know how to utilize the tools in technology and social media.  All a potential seller cares about is what will my house list for and sell for.  The new norm for selling a home is so much more complex because of the tech factor.  Keeping deals together? Well that’s definitely a creature of its own and another blog post!

It’s wiser to find a company that has all the tools, technology, skills to deal with all question-mark-1872665_640technology available, and people skills (because at the end of the day, we still can’t buy a home without actually speaking or meeting a human….for now at least).  You want to find a company that was born online and raised by technology as the saying goes.   Real estate is extremely fast paced with listings going stale in a week.  No one scrolls to the second page in google or in real estate and that is where the power of the internet is your biggest ally.

So next time you are interviewing realtors, ask them 2 questions –

  1.  What will my house sell for?
  2. What internet marketing do you do? And don’t stand for the “I put it in MLS and it goes out to 100’s of websites” because that just isn’t good enough!

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