Rhode Island – There is a better way to sell your home

Are you considering selling your home in Rhode Island?  If you are, I just wanted to let you know there is a much better, easier and cheaper way of doing this!

I hold dual licenses in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island and do a fair amount of business in each state so I am EXTREMELY familiar with the operations of both states and the glaring differences in how homes are sold!  And I am amazed at how stuck in the 1970’s Rhode Island is when it comes to real estate and selling a home!  I am so thankful in Massachusetts accompanied showings are rare (unless it’s in Attleboro, North Attleboro, Fall River and New Bedford)!

There is a long standing misconception amongst some home sellers in Rhode Island that Realtors “sell homes”. But we can attest to the fact that we have  never “sold” a home in this sense of the word to anyone. Homes are an emotional purchase. As a Realtor/Real Estate Agent, we cannot talk somebody into buying a house. Realtors are  guides and give advice but a home will sell itself. A buyer will know within the first 10 seconds if they have “found their home” and will end up purchasing it. This happens because of the human emotion not because I was there to point out the kitchen with granite counters. Chris and I have never been able to “make” anyone buy a house because we were at every showing of our listings.  We can certainly answer the questions that a buyer would have but in Rhode Island a seller’s disclosure has to be completed and answers all the questions that a buyer would ask me if I were present at a showing.

We are in the age of technology, you search for homes online, you try to find a “local” (see “Is Local Better” on this blog) real estate agency online, you have mini computers in your hands that is also your cell phone, yet for some reason, when it comes to selling a home in Rhode Island, we are in a different era!

For some reason, traditional real estate agents and real estate brokerages have managed to keep the sellers of homes in Rhode Island in the dark about changes and progression made in real estate.  They continue to convince sellers that they must be at every showing to point out the features of the homes – like where the kitchen is, or what room is the bathroom! And I am not joking on this!  Almost every single showing the realtor/real estate agent for the seller is #captainobvious and points out the kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom, if the kitchen has tile or lino, if those are hardwoods or carpeting that we are standing on!  No joke! True story. I WISH I could record these and publish them, they are hysterical.  It’s as if we, the buyers agent and buyer, can’t figure out which room is the kitchen or the bathroom, as if the toilet isn’t a clear enough indicator or a dishwasher, stove and refrigerator are not clear indicators of which room we are in.

I firmly believe they do this because they charge some of the highest commissions around, then you have the companies that claim they will buy your house if it doesn’t sellmoney-1428594_640 and they charge even higher commissions!  Now I am sure they have had to buy one or two houses along the way, but I suspect that Santa Claus has to ride a unicorn over the rainbow to meet the leprechaun on the other side in order for them to actually buy your house.

The number one reason Rhode Island real estate agents state for their higher is commission is that they accompany each and every showing.  They play on the fear of sellers stating strange people will be walking through your home.  Yes, strange people WILL be walking through your house with a BUYERS AGENT.  That buyers agent won’t allow people to rifle through your stuff.  Believe it or not, people shopping for a new home are very respectful when touring a home.  Just think about when you are looking at homes, are you searching for stuff to steal, are you jumping on the beds, are you opening drawers in someone’s bureau, are you turning their TV on and sitting on the couch?  Of course not.  Statistically, homes that have “accompanied” Showings remain on the market much longer than homes that are available on a buyers schedule.  The reason for this is because of scheduling conflicts.  I can tell you each and every time I have a buyer that wants to see more than one home in Rhode Island I cringe.  I cringe because I know I will NOT be able to get my buyer into all the homes they want to see.  The list agents never seem to be available to show the property on our schedule.  So not only do I have to worry about mine and my buyers schedule, I now have to worry about sellers’ agent and sellers schedule.  And 9 times out of 10 the sellers agent isn’t available because they are showing buyers a property or at another one of their listings showing the home.  I am constantly thinking that the Rhode Island real estate market would catch up with the surrounding states if the listing agents would just get out of their own way.  I feel like Rhode Island real estate agents are responsible for the slow market growth in Rhode Island.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called on a Tuesday to set up a showing for Saturday at 2 and the sellers agent says “I can’t do that but I’m showing it tomorrow Frustration(Wednesday) at 11a.m. can you come then?”  Um, no we can’t, my buyer works and can only see homes on THEIR schedule.  It is singularly THE most frustrating, backwards process I have ever seen. And yet, it’s so commonplace in Rhode Island and accepted that they don’t even realize it because it’s been that way for so long.  Often when I am dealing with another dual state licensee in Massachusetts (because towns like Attleboro, Fall River, New Bedford, have some listings with Rhode Island realtors and those realtors seem to think Massachusetts needs to operate like Rhode Island a realtor will say “wow, we make things so difficult in Rhode Island”.  Once they’ve seen how smooth and easy it is to operate in Massachusetts, they then see how difficult Rhode Island is.

Let’s get back to these accompanied showings, think about yourself going to view a home with the seller’s realtor there.  Are you comfortable enough to voice your likes and dislikes about the house, are you in and out of the house in less than 10 minutes because you have the seller’s real estate agent following you absolutely everywhere being captain obvious pointing out the carpeting, living room, basement?   Did you know that when the seller’s real estate agent isn’t present, buyers will spend more time in the house?  They are looking at details, trying to imagine furniture placement, voicing likes and dislikes about the house to their buyers agent and discussing options to correct dislikes, etc?  Are you aware that the longer a buyer spends in your house at a showing, the more they like your house?  Are you aware the more they like your house, the more likely they will write an offer?  Having a seller’s real estate agent there decreases the amount of time buyers are in your house but yet you are asking the buyer to make the decision to make one of the largest financial decision in their life in 10 minutes!?  That’s crazy.    It is crazy uncomfortable for everyone when the seller’s real estate agent is literally behind you at every move you make, it makes for very uncomfortable showings for buyers and their realtors.  Buyers want to open kitchen cabinets, they want to open closet doors, they want to stand in the middle of the living room discussing where their new furniture will go, etc.  I mean, you take more time to test driving a car and walking around the car lot than you do looking at a home!  RIDICULOUS, RIDICULOUS custom that is antiquated and needs to go.

If the above doesn’t convince, what I am about to say should really seal it for you.  It’s a cringe-worthy Rhode Island Real Estate Agent trait that is probably the most insane practice I’ve ever seen.   They DO NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS! Yep, you just read that correctly.  I can tell you on a weekly basis I call, text and email requests to see homes and the sellers’ real estate agent doesn’t bother returning my call, text or email.    This is a regular occurrence in Rhode Island.  It is truly amazing that someone is hired to do a job, your job is basically to answer the phone and show your home.  And I will tell you that the percentage of realtors that do this is over 50%.  When I gripe about this to other Rhode Island real estate agents, they simply say “oh yeah, I know.  It’s horrible.”  It is such an acceptable practice that it is just dealt with.  Under Rhode Island MLS rules and regulations, the listing/seller’s agent MUST respond within 24 hours.  But there is no follow-up.  No one seems to want to make the system better in Rhode Island and why should they? They are the only ones that benefit from this.  I am 100% certain that if a seller knew that their realtor isn’t returning calls, making appointments to show their home, they would be livid.  But it seems to be the best kept secret practice in Rhode Island that goes unchallenged by sellers.  I mean isn’t it your job as a real estate agent to show homes?  With today’s technology how can one possibly say they “didn’t see the email”?  Complete and total BS.  Don’t stand for it anymore!  The market would probably turn around much faster if these so-called real estate agents started doing the job they were hired for.

All of these insane practices stop when you choose the Key to the Dream Realty Group.

Rhode Islanders you need a cutting edge company to start un-clogging your market.  You need un-REALtors!  You need a team of Real Estate Agents that know what buyers are thinking, acting and doing and use that know-how to market and sell your home faster, cheaper and for more money because when a home sits on the market you become stale and need to drop price but if you just let us sell your home, it will be quicker and for more money.  Rhode Islanders it’s time to move into the fast paced world of real estate instead of lagging behind with real estate agents dictating how fast your house will sell because it hinges on whether or not they want to answer their phone.

Key to the Dream Realty Group services most of Rhode Island, including Smithfield, North Smithfield, Lincoln, Burrillville, Cumberland as well as neighboring towns in Massachusetts – Blackstone, Millville, Uxbridge, Douglas and Bellingham.

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