Who couldn’t use a little extra Cha-Ching!$$$

12/21/17 – darn, looks like we have to keep working because we weren’t the winner 🙁

JACKPOT IS UP TO $300,000,000 SO WE WILL BE DOING THIS AGAIN so check back often!


If we win the Power Ball on 12/20/17, we are willing to share in the bounty but you have to #KeyToTheDream and #Powerball on any of these social media sites FaceBook, Twitter or Intagram to share in the winnings!!!

Jackpot is $269,000,000! That’s a lot of zeros!

To start searching for homes, click HERE:

To begin working with Lori and Chris, text or call 508 254 8093 (Lori) or 781 354 4381 (Chris) or complete the form below.  Or email us Key To The Dream

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