Yoga and Meditation in Franklin, MA

What a great experience I had during my meditation class! So much so, I have to share!

Because I suffer from anxiety in a big, scary way, I decided to check out the meditation program at Franklin Yoga – located in Franklin, MA on W. Central St., on the Bellingham line – and holy crap-ola was I glad I did.  I had THE best meditation session with Amy at Franklin Yoga.

I’m not sure if its because I’ve just had the worst bout of anxiety for the past 2 weeks, and when I got there, Amy was asking me several questions and I explained to her my anxiety situation.  We entered the classroom and she announced she was  chosing a traditional Buddhist meditation and it was literally amazing.  I’ve been to some meditation sessions before at other places, but by far Amy was the best.  It actually helped and I felt so relaxed.    Anyone suffering from anxiety knows how difficult it is to focus your mind and relax but this did it for me.   She combined some movements for the first part of the class with the breathing and then we moved onto the quiet meditation.   After the meditation session and we transitioned into the relaxation portion, I heard several snores because a few people were just as relaxed as I was!

She was very attentive and made sure everyone had pillows, blankets, eye masks, etc., so that we had the full experience.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was and am definitely going back.  Check out their website for class schedules, workshops, etc.  And if you suffer from anxiety or just want to unwind or unplug, this class is a must.  It meets every Thursday.


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