Rehab Loan Buyer Seminar – coming soon to a location near you!

So if you are a potential homebuyer in Massachusetts and Rhode Island you are probably super frustrated with the market right now.

If you are finding that you can’t find anything in your price range, unless it needs a ton of work and you keep increasing your “comfort” price level and still have no luck.  I haveold-farmhouse-2535919_640 one question for you – have you tried looking UNDER your price desired price range?  Yep, you read that right, UNDER YOUR DESIRED PRICE!  Well, we hear your frustration!!!

FHA has a loan program, maybe you heard of it or maybe not.  It’s called the FHA rehab loan program.  This is a much under utilized program because real estate agents and most lenders don’t want to be bothered with these programs because they are under the wrong impression that they are too difficult.  It’s only because they don’t know and don’t fully the program.  I’ll bet many real estate agents and your lender try to push you away from even considering a rehab loan!  Not us!!! We are taking the bull by the horns because we hear your frustration.  We know the hassle you’re going through just to become a homeowner.

house-construction-3102356_640This loan program covers small renovations, purchasing appliances, to big remodels, septic system installations, siding, peeling paint, roof, heating system, you name it!   This program is so awesome for people to use to get into a home!!!

Because we at the Key To The Dream Realty Group recognize the need for the buyers who can’t afford the rising prices of home ownership,   We recognize that this market is house-1429409_640untouched by most real estate agents because of ignorance or laziness.   That’s why we are putting together a buyer seminar that is ONLY about the FHA rehab loan program.

We will be doing a few of these over the coming months in different locations.  If you are interested in attending one of these, please pre-register by submitting the form below and we will send you information once we decide on the details of time and place!  I suspect these seminars will fill fast so make sure you submit your info. to us!!!

If you would like to start working with Chris and Lori now, TEXT or call us.  Lori’s cell is 508 254 8093 and Chris’ is 781 354 4381.  You can always email us if that’s your preference at EMAIL.

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