Chris’ Local Craft Beer Adventures

Craft beer and Real Estate?  Yes!  I have always been, and always will be, a firm believer that one of the best ways to explore an area; whether it be another country,  area of the United States or just a state, is through the foods they cherish and the crafts they produce.  Let’s face it New England clam chowder, Rhode Island coffee milk, Philadelphia cheese steaks are just a few of many things people only experience when in the area that made them famous!  Craft beers to me are no different.  While everyone has a different palette for styles and flavors the art of brewing can be as unique to an area as any food can ever be.

While personally I am an IPA guy, in fact the hoppier the better for me, I am fortunate enough to have several friends that explore the scene with me that are not.  In my ever expanding group we have sour fans, stout fans, lager fans and more.  We all meet at least once a month for our beer club at British Beer Company in Franklin where a different brewery from all over the country is featured and we get to experience different styles that we may never have considered.  We compare notes on each brew and we get to talk the lingo.  We use words and acronyms such as IBU, dank (for you Sean), hoppy, juicy, smoky, hazy…..the list goes on and on.  We take pride in being self proclaimed “beer snobs”!  You can see anyone one of us light up when we say things like I taste coriander and the rep from the brewery confirms we are right!

Although I am not an expert I am excited to share my adventures into the craft world with you.  I will be posting here my own personal reviews, as well as those of John Faria of Province Mortgage and the rest of the entourage as we get out there and explore.  You can expect video tours of the brew houses, maybe some interviews of the brew masters and hopefully just some good fun to be had.  Some notables on our list of must visits are Start Line in Hopkinton,  Night Shift Brewing in Everett,  Tree House Brewing in Charlton,  CraftRoots Brewing in Milford ….the list goes on and on!  Plus living on the MA and RI border there are many more to the south!  I hope you will be following along…..I encourage you to share your own bucket list of breweries, where you have been, beers you like, etc……let’s make this fun for all!  After all brews are meant to be shared with friends!


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