Stupid things Real Estate Agents say

We’ve been in this business a long time so we are familiar with all the things a real estate agent will say and what they are REALLY saying.  Some of the things said are just plain stupid.  Some are funny.  Some are meant to be vague.  Here’s my list (if I’ve missed some, by all means share yours with us):

  1.  “Seller didn’t want to replace the carpeting or counter-tops because they know a buyer might want something different.”  Really?!  This is really just saying, seller doesn’t want to do it but we (seller)  knows it’s looks like crap but seller still wants you to pay full price.  No buyer is going to look at a home and say I’m not buying it because seller installed new granite counters (unless the color chosen is a crazy color, then seller has made a mistake).
  2. “The house used to be a 3 bedroom, but seller took a wall down to make the master bedroom bigger.”  LAZY.  They are REALLY selling 2 bedroom but want the price of a 3 bedroom but they want buyer to go through the construction and expense to make it back to a 3 bedroom.
  3. “The house is a 4 bedroom, but the septic design is for a 3 bedroom.”  STUPID and NEGLIGENTAnd this negligence can get you into a law suit!  You cannot legally have more bedrooms than what the septic system was designed for.  But seller and real estate agent want the price of a 4 bedroom house.  The sellers’ agent thinks by adding the disclosure about the the septic design covers them.  It doesn’t.  You can not contradict state law.  SO BUYER BEWARE of what you’re buying BEFORE CLOSING.  Make sure your attorney is aware of this during the purchase and sale agreement stage.   Insist seller upgrade the septic system since it was advertised to the consumer as a 4 bedroom or reduce price to comparable 3 bedroom homes.  If they do not do either, then it will be up to you to either move forward or terminate the transaction but be informed so that you can make the appropriate decision.  Eyes wide open as I always say.
  4. “This is the kitchen, the living room has hardwood floors, etc.”  DUH.  STUPID.  Accompanied showings where the seller’s agent is present during a private showing and they point out the obvious.  And they say this stuff with a straight face too – as if they are bringing value to the showing by being there and pointing out what room we are in!  The worst!
  5. “The traffic/train noise” doesn’t bother the seller!  REALLY?! – So is seller  buying their house again?  STUPID
  6. “The seller will be taking all their belongings and clutter” – DUH! Of course they are – it’s their stuff!
  7. “Wasn’t an issue when seller bought the house”.  Um, OK, it’s an issue now in the present day.
  8. “Roof was new when they bought 25 years ago”!  Self explanatory. A personal favorite of mine.
  9. “Seller upgraded the kitchen 18 years ago”.  Seriously??? See #8 above!`

I can’t make this stuff up.  It’s true and you’ve probably heard this stuff too during your open house tours!  So if you have a particular favorite be sure to leave it in the comment section!

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