A Real Estate Agent Can Represent a Buyer Or Seller – or both?!

Maybe this is our bad (as real estate agents) for not letting people know that as a real estate agent we oftentimes represent a seller when they want to list their home or a buyer when they are looking to purchase.  Sometimes, our seller is also buying and we are able to do that as well because those are 2 different transactions and there is not a conflict of interest because each transaction is entirely different.

It wasn’t until recently that an extremely new home buyer and I were talking and he was asking a bunch of really, really good questions.  He then said, “Can you work with a seller too?  I’m sorry if my questions aren’t appropriate or if you’re not supposed to tell me this stuff, I just don’t know how any of this works”.   We’ve ALWAYS encouraged any and all questions at our consultations and we are always quick to say there were no bad questions.  But it was just how he said it that got me to thinking that out of all the times people do ask “if I can work for a seller” it made me want to write this particular blog article.

I think as a real estate agent, we just assume people know that we can work for a seller or a buyer.  I have sold homes to buyers, who later list their home and never called me to see if I could list it for them.  But then they call me and ask if I can help them find their new home!  It’s because they just didn’t know that I could sell their home as well and that is our bad.  Just because we’ve done an awesome job when you bought, it’s assumed we can’t sell a home and that we are only a “buyer’s agent”.

A real estate agent, when getting licensed, gets training in both working with sellers and buyers.  It’s the experience that comes with doing this job and working with clients that hones the skills needed to represent a client well.  And yes, a real estate agent with experience, can use one argument during negotiations when representing a buyer to a satisfactory conclusion but then when we represent a seller, we can also skillfully negotiate the same issue with a different outcome.  It will all depend on who we are representing.  Because we work with both buyers and sellers and have been for a long time, we are pretty adept at changing hats.  When we, a Realtor, represent a client (buyer or seller) we do so with Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care/Diligence for our client.  It’s just that we have insight into how the opposing party will think, react and counter during negotiations which is what really makes us the perfect storm that usually results in a fair deal for whomever we are working with.

So if you loved your agent that you bought your home with, they can absolutely help you sell that home when you decide it’s time to sell and they can do so just as effectively and competently as when you bought it!

And, as always (here comes the plug to work with us:-) if you are looking to buy or sell, give the team at Key To The Dream Realty Group a chance and text or call us at 781 269 2195 or email us at info@keytothedream.com.

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