The Corgs Adventure on the Blackstone River Greenway Bike Path

The “Corgs” and I decided to start our weekly adventure to all the bike paths in and around Massachusetts and Rhode Island for a couple of different reasons.  The first being that I need to work on my anxiety  Her and I used to go everywhere hiking and we both miss it.  Another reason is that the Corgs needs to get out and be socialized.  She used to love going to new places, but because we’ve been too comfy just playing frisbee in her yard, she’s gotten to be a scaredy-cat.  She loves going for rides but once we get out and start walking, she just wants to be carried!  I look pretty silly carrying her during our “walks”!

file-6So we started out at her favorite place – the Blackstone RiverWay Bike Path in the small town of Millville, Massachusetts!  It’s near our home and it’s familiar to her.

It’s not a long stretch nor challenging but it’s a great place to just take a quick walk/bike, maybe 1 miles into the Blackstone, Mass. line or, 1 mile in the other direction, to Uxbridge, Mass. so it’s not terribly taxing on her (or me) and it’s a nice flat walk surrounded by nice scenery.  There are some benches located along the path if you need to set a spell.

Of course, as we were walking along, someone had to stop and ask what kind of dog she was.  She is such an interesting and GORGEOUS girl that everywhere we go – someone has to ask.  And, true to her nature, she loves it and has to make a wiggling, bouncing puddle corgi cuteness of  herself to whoever wants to pet her.   Her breed (gasp! not a pure Corgi) is what they call a Cowboy Corgi.  I didn’t know this was a breed until I rescued her and looked it up.

There aren’t any trash barrels along the path which is inconvenient so be prepared to bring along the poop bags for your pet walk and carry it with you.  Luckily it’s not a long stretch at all.


There are some pretty cool sights along the way.  Lots of bridges, old bridge abutments and the Millville Lock so it makes for a pleasant enough walk/hike/bike.





file-5We always end our walk at this path at the Blackstone River.  There is a neat little path going down to the river and at the bottom there are granite stairs going right into the water! So we spend some time there for The Corgs to cool off.  It’s about an 1/8 of a mile from the parking area located on Hope St., Millville.  There is a path behind the first set of benches on the bike path.  Once you get to the water, you’ll see more paths that run along the river where people enjoy fishing.





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