Is Your Real Estate Agent Reputable or Dirty?

You’re thinking of going out to eat so you hit the google to search for reviews because why waste $100.00 on a bad meal that lasts only an hour so you spend quite a bit of time researching new restaurants. Now you are thinking of buying a home or selling one and you put zero effort into researching your Real Estate Agent. You’re probably just using one you met at an open house or you happened to see their name on a rider. I mean it’s only a couple hundred thousand dollars you’re spending and you know what you’re doing, buying a house is easy and you’ve got plenty of friends and family giving you advice, you watch HGTV. Let’s face it, anyone can do this job, it’s easy, all we do is open a door!

But have you ever wondered if you’re dealing with reputable agent or someone who is a dirty rotten agent? Are you wondering how long they’ve been licensed to do this? Do they have a valid license? Any complaints against them?

Of course there are online reviews which is the go-to resource. But let’s face it, you will only see the good reviews and possibly some that aren’t so good but it would be pretty uncommon to find some that are truly bad. If Zillow is your go to resource, just know that real estate agents can disable reviews because they have received bad ones. So if you’re not seeing reviews, there is a good chance they’ve disabled them or the agent is new and doesn’t have any reviews. Zillow may even allow real estate agents to delete them because let’s face it, Zillow isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds them and it’s the real estate agents paying big money to buy zip codes for leads that they sell to several agents.

So where do you go to get accurate information? Well, if you want to check on the validity of a realtor’s license and find out when they were licensed, you can go to the Mass. Division of Professional Licensure and check a license (for Rhode Islanders click HERE). You’ll need to know the full name of the Realtor that you’re checking on. Choose Board of Registration Brokers and Real Estate Salesperson. This link will provide the date the agent is licensed and if it’s valid. From this link, you can also file and track a complaint on an agent as well.

To find out if a Real Estate Agent has had any complaints against them, you would need to dig a little deeper. Each real estate agent must be a member of a local Board of Realtors. Depending on which county you are located in, you would then need to find that local board and contact them. It’s a pretty good assumption that whatever county you are in, the agent in question will be a member of that Board. For a list of all the county Boards, click here (for Rhode Islanders-click HERE). Don’t be surprised if you don’t find too many complaints because most of the complaints would likely come from other Realtors against a Realtor that violated the Code of Ethics in some way. A consumer isn’t always aware what agents should or shouldn’t do but another Realtor will know. And it has to be pretty severe for a Realtor to file a complaint because the process of doing so is NOT an easy process at all and because of that agents don’t usually go through with it.

As for finding out how much experience your chosen Realtor has, unfortunately that isn’t so easy and there isn’t a website that has that info. So you will have to ask them to provide a print out from the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) that they are a member of. But, as with anything, that can be manipulated. They can give you ALL of their deals but if they took a few years off or if they are just doing it part-time now, you will want to pay attention to the dates that the sales closed. If your real estate agent didn’t put the date range, then RED FLAG. You could also call their manager at the office and ask.

If you are like most potential home buyers or sellers, you think the job we do is easy and that it is all about just opening a door. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. THAT IS SO WRONG. There is so much more to the job than anyone realizes. Even fellow agents get their license because they believed it was a hobby not a profession and got their license because they figured it’s a great way to fill in time because “they love houses and watch HGTV” and can earn a couple extra bucks. Then they find out how expensive it is to maintain your license and that the job actually does require a lot of time and work and usually fade away after 6 months. The realtors that do this job full time and for many years understand all the intricacies of this profession (counsellor, therapist, negotiator, problem solver, door opener, advisor, stager, photographer, marketer, mediator, liaison, detective, etc.)


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