Speed Dating Realtors?

Are you the buyer that registers with a bunch of sites like Zillow looking for homes? Do you see a home you like and click the “Request More Info” and send the request to 4 agents and see who calls back first? Then you see another property you like and hit the button again and get 4 DIFFERENT agents that call you back? Do you drive by a house and call the agent who has the listing and see the house? Are you the buyer that sees a bunch of houses with a bunch of realtors and then never respond to their emails, texts or calls?

Well if you are, you are doing it ALL WRONG!

I recently was having lunch with a client who flips homes, and they were complaining about agents that come to their open house or private showings and act as if they don’t know their buyer client. So I had to defend my fellow real estate agents and had to explain the habits of first time home buyers (which basically was the everything in the first paragraph of this post) and then she exclaimed “Really! Why do buyers do that?!” and her husband said, it’s because buyers do not know HOW to do this!

An idea then came to me! Use the power of our blog followers to get the word out! You see, buyers are an elusive bunch to track and capture thanks to the internet! I’ve written plenty of articles on this blog to provide valuable information that you can find and receive honest and straightforward info and answers. In those articles, there is occasionally the advice to find one agent and stick with that agent. But never a why to do that article.

Now, to get back to the WHY you are doing it all wrong. The answer is very simple.

NO CONNECTION. You can not make a connection with someone if you just see them once. If you are seriously in the market to buy a home, then you want to form a connection with your agent. Why you ask? Because even though you think it’s just a matter of getting into the house and just seeing it, it’s way more than that. Real Estate agents do more than just open a door for you. While you are wondering around looking at all the pretty things and figuring out where your furniture goes, your TRUSTED agent is looking at all the ugly things. Things that will be an issue for your financing program, things that will be issues at home inspections, things that will harm any resale potential, etc. The agent will then run the comparable of the home so that if you want to write an offer, you can do so at the correct purchase price. Your agent will advise you on any problems they may see for future resale, they will advise you things that may come up in a home inspection, that may affect your financing, etc.

Then, when it’s time to write the offer, your agent will do that as well -present the offer and negotiate for you. It’s not just about writing the offer and submitting it either, your agent will speak with the seller’s realtor, get information as to terms the sellers is looking for, etc. which, in turn, makes your agent able to counsel you better on the offer.

Once your agent gets your offer accepted, then it’s time for home inspection! Your agent helps with that as well since we have to be at all buyers home inspections. They will have trusted inspectors they work with. And no, they aren’t trusted inspectors because they just pass a home and don’t care about the buyers, it’s because the inspector has proven themselves to be thorough and informative! I know many would like to believe we only refer people who will just push stuff through so that the realtor gets paid, but that is NOT the case at all. People we trust have proven they are reliable and trustworthy and will make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Your agent will also be able to provide you with lenders, attorneys, handy-persons, contractors, insurance agencies, etc. We do NOT receive any money from the people we refer you too – it’s unethical and illegal for us to do so. We simply have compiled trusted vendors that have proven themselves time and again. We act as liaisons with your lender to ensure the process is smooth.

So in closing, hopefully what you pull away from this is that, speed dating Realtors will not get you a devoted and trusted Realtor because it’s hard to make a connection in just one meeting. You certainly aren’t marrying the first person you meet at the speed dating venue are you?

People need to realize that Real Estate agents (Realtors) are not all alike and we are not out to just make you buy a home and collect a check. Yes, it’s what we do for a living, yes we do collect a pay check because we are doing our job but no we are not out to screw you over. Real Estate Agents have such a terrible reputation with the general public which is so odd, because when you speak with someone who bought or sold a home, they almost always loved their Realtor. It’s the new buyers and sellers that are up and coming that are distrustful with absolutely NO VALID REASON to be distrustful. Are there bad agents? Of course there are. There are bad people in every single profession FACT. But develop a relationship with that agent and let them set up showings, do leg work on the houses BEFORE you see them. Let them be an agent but you MUST PICK ONE FIRST. Not 10 agents, JUST ONE and form that lasting relationship instead of the one showing stand (a lil play on the one night stand saying 😉

Whooop, here it comes!  The plug to work with the greatest real estate team ever! (our Moms’ said so! 🙂 if you are looking to buy or sell, give the team at Key To The Dream Realty Group a chance and text or call us at 781 269 2195 or email us at info@keytothedream.com.

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  1. Another useful and transparent article brought to you by the Key to the Dream team! Love this one guys!

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